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Private Bathhouse Groups

Your group can enjoy the bathhouse, sauna and creek plunge with privacy. During the spring and summer, groups may reserve a private bath house session in the morning before we open to the public on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. To reserve a private bathhouse group, email info@stewartmineralsprings.com.


  Group charge Per guest
Bathhouse group $85/hour  
Attendant fee $30/hour  
Non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit to confirm a booking $225  
Bath per person   $26
If group goes over scheduled departure time, a flat fee is charged $75  
Be sure to ask about options for catering for groups of 15 or more.    

Minimum bath group time is 2 hours for 13 or fewer.

Bath group time is 3 hours for up to 26 bathers.

Maximum group is 26 in one day.

Group can still book with fewer than 13 but fee charge will be priced at 13 bathers.


Book Overnight Accommodations for a Group

We are the perfect place for your group retreats and overnight stays. We have a series of cabins, apartments, a conference room, and a large A-Frame along Parks Creek that houses up to 15 people. In the summer, we also offer camping. Call us at (530) 938-2222, ext. 4 to make a reservation. Read more about booking groups here.