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Upcoming Events

Ask us about booking retreats with us at info@stewartmineralsprings.com. More info here.

2017 Retreats & Events

Retreat with Devaji

Wed April 5 -Thur April 13
DevajiInvite yourself to bathe in the beauty of silence. Let all effort fall away and lead you back to the one source, to the unbridled joy that is our very essence. What your mind calls problems can be the vehicle to open up your heart. By looking into the flame of suffering, and loving it tenderly, you will be guided towards grace, towards self-blessing. Read more.

We'll be Open Everyday Beginning May 1

Monday, May 1, 2017
Beginning May 1, the bathhouse and massage services will be available everyday. (Currently, our lodging is open everday, and the bathhouse and massage services are closed every Tuesday and Wednesday.)

Our Creekside Cafe opens on weekends

Friday, May 5, 2017
Beginning May 5, Chef Giovanni will open the cafe on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 8 pm. Check back for special events and her new menu. It's a beautiful affair to dine by a creek.

Mother's Day Overnight Package & Discounted Mineral Baths for Moms

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Mothers receive $18 discounted mineral baths for Mother's Day. Why not treat her to a massage, too? Gift certificates can be purchased for for mineral baths, massages and overnight stays at our front desk. (530) 938-2222. We are also offering a Mother's Day overnight package from May 11 to 15th.

Father's Day: Discounted Mineral baths for Dads

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Fathers receive $18 discounted mineral baths on this day. Gift certificates can be purchased for for mineral baths, massages and overnight stays at our front desk. (530) 938-2222.

​Sri Yoga Retreat- For Students and Teachers

June 21-25, 2017
Sri Yoga TeachersJoin Jean Mazzei and Brenna Geehan for a Sri Yoga ™ retreat here at Stewart Mineral Springs. Every year they come out here for intensive teacher trainings. This is the FIRST TIME we are inviting all practitioners to enjoy this remarkable land as an invitation to go deeper into your heart and mind. Located in the powerful land that surrounds Mt. Shasta, this location will connect you with the vastness and intimacy of the Infinite. We are primal beings who exist within, not apart from nature. There is nothing like the peacefulness of the Shasta Trinity National forest and the power of the healing springs to center ourselves in the unity of all things.
Reserve by Apr 20 for Early Bird Rate.

Combine Acupressure and Craniosacral for Facial Rejuvenation
For Practitioners - 28 Continuing Education Hours

Facial Rejuvation RetreatTuesday, June 27 - Monday, July 3, 2017
Learn and experience a unique rejuvenation system with natural facelift massage. Melt muscle tension and old trauma patterns in the face (and body) with this unique blend of acupressure and facial rejuvenation techniques, bringing softness and balance to the face, lifting the whole being... and life energies. Perfect for Craniosacral Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Aestheticians, Nurses, and Somatic Traumatic Healing Workers.

For more details and registration info, click here.

​David Gibson Sound Healing Retreat

Sound HealingJuly 14-16, 2017
Come enjoy a transformational Sound Healing workshop with powerful Sound Healers at Stewart Mineral Springs. Invoking the energy of nearby Mount Shasta and and all the light beings in and around. Resonating Love and Light with Sound.

What better place could there be to enjoy doing sound to raise your consciousness than at Stewart Mineral Springs? Our primary intention is to resonate this Oneness with Sound... that place that is naturally filled with Universal Love flowing through it All. Read details.


Kathy Zavada Mount Shasta Retreat

Kathy ZavadaJuly 27-30, 2017
The focus of this retreat will be on deepening our direct experience of the stillness of being, of living with an expanded heart, of strengthening the spiritual practices of meditation, chanting and self-reflection, and deepening in the power of prayer. Click here for updates.

Spirit Wisdom Healing Retreat - Shamanism, Yoga & Meditation

Shamanim RetreatJuly 27 – Aug 1, 2017
Join us for a 4-day, all-inclusive yoga, meditation and Shamanism retreat here at Stewart Mineral Springs. Heal and re-vitalise connection to your Spiritual essence! Immerse yourself fully in deep personal nurturing to cultivate inner peace, with delicious organic food, daily heart-centered yoga and meditation, and trips to the majestic and powerful vortex of Mt Shasta. Access to the sauna and mineral springs to detox your body. Learn the Shaman’s Secret weapon to create healing and balance in your life by honoring the Spirits of Nature! Read about details and sign up.

Clarity BreathWork Level 1 and Level 2 DeLong/Solaris

Clarity Breathwork

August 10-20, 2017

Level 1: Sacred Breath & Embodiment, August 10 – 12, 2017
Level 2: Clarity Breathwork Healing Intensive, August 13 – 20, 2017

Both of these workshops are tremendous opportunity for empowerment through daily Clarity Breathwork™ sessions, inquiry processes, sacred music, Kirtan, meditation, dance and creative movement, time in nature, Stewart Mineral Springs's healing mineral water, Native American Sweat Lodges, and immersion with a healing community in the amazing energy of Stewart Mineral Springs near sacred Mount Shasta. Click here for registration.

Samadhi Breathwork and Meditation
Nurture the Spiritual Heart and Greet what is in the Stillness

BreathworkTues August 29 - Thurs Sept 21, 2017
Aug 29 - Sept 2: Samadhi Pada - Integrating the Experience of Contemplation. $895* Intensive. Limited to 6 participants
Sept 3 - Sep 10: Sadhana Pada - The Path to Realization. $1250*
Sept 11 - Sept 21: Vibhuti Pada - Pure Seeing Reflected Back to Itself. $1975*
*Rates for Retreats Increase March 5

Our constant doing doesn't yield what we yearn to create. So what do we do? We learn to create from stillness, our most powerful tool and we enter a place where anything is possible. With Mother Earth as your master teacher you will be _gently guided to di_scover the glorious being you already are on an entirely new level in safe, nurturing, like-minded community. You'll return home understanding how to unleash your infinite potential through your connection to the natural and supernatural world. For more details, click here.

2017 Retreats & Events

Ask us about booking retreats with us at info@stewartmineralsprings.com. More info here.

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