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Upcoming Events

Ask us about booking retreats with us at info@stewartmineralsprings.com. More info here.

2017 Retreats & Events

Creekside Cafe is Open

Fridays & Saturdays 1 to 8 pm
The Creekside Cafe is open for the season on Fridays and Saturdays from 1 to 8 pm. Check back for special events and her new menu. It's a beautiful affair to dine by a creek.

Sweatlodge Ceremony

Sweat Lodge CeremonyEvery Saturday at 6 pm. Drumming begins at 5:30 pm
Read more.


​David Gibson Sound Healing Retreat - Sold out

Sound HealingJuly 15-16, 2017
Come enjoy a transformational Sound Healing workshop with powerful Sound Healers at Stewart Mineral Springs. Invoking the energy of nearby Mount Shasta and and all the light beings in and around. Resonating Love and Light with Sound.

What better place could there be to enjoy doing sound to raise your consciousness than at Stewart Mineral Springs? Our primary intention is to resonate this Oneness with Sound... that place that is naturally filled with Universal Love flowing through it All. Read details.


Kathy Zavada Mount Shasta Retreat

Kathy ZavadaJuly 27-30, 2017
The focus of this retreat will be on deepening our direct experience of the stillness of being, of living with an expanded heart, of strengthening the spiritual practices of meditation, chanting and self-reflection, and deepening in the power of prayer. Click here for updates.

Spirit Wisdom Healing Retreat - Shamanism, Yoga & Meditation

Shamanim RetreatJuly 27 – Aug 1, 2017
Join us for a 4-day, all-inclusive yoga, meditation and Shamanism retreat here at Stewart Mineral Springs. Heal and re-vitalise connection to your Spiritual essence! Immerse yourself fully in deep personal nurturing to cultivate inner peace, with delicious organic food, daily heart-centered yoga and meditation, and trips to the majestic and powerful vortex of Mt Shasta. Access to the sauna and mineral springs to detox your body. Learn the Shaman’s Secret weapon to create healing and balance in your life by honoring the Spirits of Nature! Read about details and sign up.

Clarity BreathWork Level 1 and Level 2 DeLong/Solaris

Clarity Breathwork

August 10-28, 2017
Level 1: Sacred Breath & Embodiment: August 10 – 12, 2017
Level 2: Clarity Breathwork Healing Intensive: August 13 -20,2017
Level 3 &4: Practitioner & Leadership Training: August 22 – 28, 2017 - Just Added

These workshops are a tremendous opportunity for empowerment through daily Clarity Breathwork™ sessions, inquiry processes, sacred music, Kirtan, meditation, dance and creative movement, time in nature, Stewart Mineral Springs's healing mineral water, Native American Sweat Lodges, and immersion with a healing community in the amazing energy of Stewart Mineral Springs near sacred Mount Shasta. Click here for registration.

Samadhi Breathwork & Meditation
2 RETREATS from August 29-September 10

Breathing and Meditation Techniques Grounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
August 29-September 2 Samadhi Pada - Integrating the Experience of Contemplation Intensive. Limited to 6 Participants.
September 3-10 Sadhana Pada - The Path to Realization Intensive. Limited to 12 Participants.

Receive unfathomable grace in these experiential retreats as your own breath and meditation guides you into profound levels of stillness. Learn to listen for Mother Earth's teachings as you are gently guided to fully awaken into the miracle of YOU, in safe, nurturing, like-minded community. Blossom more fully then ever before as you bathe in healing waters, visit secret sacred sites on Mount Shasta and have the option to participate in Traditional Native American Sweat Lodges. Return home understanding how to unleash your infinite potential through your connection to the natural and supernatural worlds. For more details, click here.

2017 Retreats & Events

Ask us about booking retreats with us at info@stewartmineralsprings.com. More info here.

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