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Sweat/Moon Lodge

Sweat Lodge Ceremony


Sweat Lodge Ceremonies ($30):
Every Saturday at 6 pm

Stewart Mineral Springs
4617 Stewart Springs Road
Weed, CA 96094
(Drumming begins at 12:30 pm)
*Times are Subject to Change

Private Sweat Lodge Ceremonies:

If you are interested in having a private sweat lodge ceremony, there is a minimum of 10 people required and the fee is $40 per person. For specific questions about the sweat lodge, please call Susan at


About Sweat/Moon Lodge

We are extremely proud to be allied with Walking Eagle, a tribal elder of the Karuk Tribe. For many years, they have maintained two sweat lodges on the grounds and have played an essential role in upholding the sacred space of the land.

Gentle Springs
Gentle Springs & Walking Eagle

Walking EagleWalking Eagle, Gentle Springs, Badger Woman, Sparrow Hawk and Spirit of Wind staff welcome you to a sacred Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony. "Taking a sweat" is a traditional way of cleansing the body, mind and spirit. Through the sweat ceremony we can eliminate toxins from our physical body and create a space to allow our inner spirit to listen and reflect for days and weeks after. All are welcomed; all are honored.

Surrounded by majestic trees and the sounds of the creek, we begin by lighting a bon fire that heats the stones to be used inside the lodge. During this process, you are invited to join in the drumming and chanting, or you might choose to sit and enjoy the ceremony. You are also invited to offer your loving thoughts by taking a pinch of tobacco and contributing to the fire. Please feel free to contribute or ask questions.

Once inside the lodge, Walking Eagle will speak and invite all participants to offer their words and thoughts. With the glowing rocks and the darkened space, this is a deeply profound experience. If at anytime you feel discomfort, the flap door will be immediately be opened and you may exit to cool down. You always have the choice to sit out a round.

It is our sincere intent that you have a profound experience in our lodge. The Karuk Tribe and Stewart Mineral Springs extend a heartfelt invitation to you for this unique ceremony.

Respectful guidelines:

  • Alcohol, marijuana, and other altering drugs affect the ceremony in an unhealthy way. Please refrain using within 24 hours prior to the ceremony.
  • Clothing is required. For your comfort, please wear clothing that is loose fitting; preferably cotton or other natural fabrics.
  • Please bring water and a towel.
  • Please do not park in the parking area across the bridge
  • Women on their moon cycle are invited to participate at a Moon Lodge rather than the male/female sweat lodge. A traditional sweat experience embraces spiritual rebirth which clashes with a woman's sacred power of birth. It is not appropriate for women on their moon to participate with others on a different cycle. If you are on your moon cycle, please participate in a woman only Moon Lodge Ceremony. We hold your power in the highest respect.
  • There is no charge for a sweat. However, The Spirit of the Wind staff suggest $30 to $35 donation. Blessings and thank you.

Dates and Hours

Upcoming Ceremonies

Weekly Saturday Ceremonies at 6 pm (Drumming begins at 5:30 pm)

*Time is subject to change


Moon Lodge

All women are invited to participate in the Moon Lodge ceremony. Women who are on their moon cycle are especially honored at this time. This lodge is smaller than the main lodge and is located just down the hill. You may notice that the energy at the moon lodge is distinctively feminine and nurturing. We invite you to join us in honoring our sacred power of birth.

This event is also lead by Spirit of the Wind staff and the same guidelines for the sweat lodge apply.

For information on the Women's Sweat Lodge, contact Badger Woman at 530-926-6268