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Rainah Dancing Waters

With over 20 years of experience, Rainah joined the elite massage staff at Stewart Mineral Springs after nearly 18 years on the staff at Harbin Hot Springs. She offers:

  • Integrated Swedish Massage with Thai and Shiatsu
  • Pranic Breath Practice
  • Meridian and Energy Balancing
  • Traditional Thai Massage

She says of Thai Massage, "I enjoy taking you to your most blissful state. Thai Massage is a therapeutic style of massage, orginating in Thailand, that is both enjoyable and Therapeutic."

Rainah received her Thai Massage pracitioner certification at the Institute of Thai Massage in Chang Mai, Thailand in 2003. She has also had training in Breath, Touch, Alignment, Spirit, Healing & Energy Systems Specialist, Healing & Consciousness.

Feel fully alive! Be Nurtured! Feel Supple! Relax! Let Go!

Please call (530) 938-2222 to make an appointment.

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