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Crystal Locke
Integrative Bodywork & Massage

Crystal LockeBodywork and healing have been a life long passion and informal talent turned into a degree from Healing Hands Holistic School of Health in 2002. I began my practice at the renowned Golden Door Spa in Southern California and in 2003 I moved to the Bay Area. While continuing to work many years in wellness spas, I launched my own practice working independently. I now live in Mount Shasta, California and am honored to be here at the Healing Sanctuary of Stewart Mineral Springs.

As a bodyworker and health facilitator, my focus is on reconnecting you with your natural state of health, working intuitively and with knowledge gained to maximize and restore the experience of ease, openness, and relaxation.

My method, style, and flow will change depending on your needs and wishes, as well as the body’s ability to receive.

Over the years of practicing I have found that a blend of modalities tend to work best in providing a full and well-rounded experience with lasting results. By utilizing a combination of  massage techniques,  I work to release "stuck" energy within the body so that you are more readily able to become centered and comfortable.
As each person is unique with needs varying, so is each session unique.
The Modalities I utilize are:
• Deep Tissue/Myofascial Release
• Swedish/Esalen-ish Style
• Trigger Point Release 
• Shiatsu (Japanese)
• Tui-Na (Chinese)
• Reflexology  
• Craniosacral Holds
• Pre and Post Natal
• Passive Joint Movement
• Chakra Balancing/ Reiki
• Orthopedic Techniques
• Visceral Manipulation (stomach/gut)
• Nerve Entrapment Techniques

A holistic way to improve your health...
Integrate. Relax. Restore.

Please call (530) 938-2222 to make an appointment.

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