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Kathleen Ison

Facials, Body Wraps, and Pamper Treatments

Facialist Kathleen IsonFor centuries, people have turned to the sea for its rejuvenating and healing properties. In 1869 a French doctor coined the term Thalossotherapy to describe the use of seaweed and seawater for therapeutic and preventative measures. Thalassa is the greek word for treatment. The therapy relies on the believe that immersion in and the consumption of sea water, with all its salts and minerals, revitalizes and cleanses the system. In France, Thalossotherapy has always been a treatment of choice for joint troubles and injuries. Today, it is also prescribed for relieving imbalances linked to modern lifestyle. Seawater is in fact, a living entity because of microscopic algae containing all of the oligolements-copper, zinc, iodine, selenium--vitamins, proteins and mineral salts which are indispensable to the human body.


Four Layer Facial:

The ultimate skin care! 10-step anti-aging treatment. Deep cleansing, exfoliating, rejuvenating and refreshes. Helps eliminate fine lines and tightens skins. Retexturizing while hydrating and nourishing resulting in firmer more youthful and hydrated skin. 75 minutes All Skin Types

Purifying Facial:

For oily combination skins. Custom blend of calming and purifying essential oils. Deep pore cleansing treatment. Reduces oiliness, and controls shine. Exfoliates dead skin cells. Prevents comedones, calms and purifies. 60 minutes. Oily / Combination Skin Types.

European Seaweed Facial:

For all skin types, perfect for p>combination skin. Using St. John's Wort, an ancient botanical known for soothing properties. Cleanses, tones, moisturizes. A calming massage and deep cleansing helps to hydrate and purify the skin.

Renewal Facial:

The perfect re-texturizing treatment for dry os sun damaged skin. Eliminates fine lines and events out of skin tone with moisture packed facial. French seaweed provides a gentle marine hydroxyl acid that is combined with natural alpha hydroxyl acid to exfoliate and renew. The skin is left supple and younger looking. Immediate results are visible. A course of six treatments is recommended. Dry Mature Skin

Additional Facials offered:

Gentlemen's Facial, 60 minutes
European Acne Treatment, 60 minutes
Petite Facial, 45 minutes

Body Wraps and Treatments:

Peppermint Seaweed, Detox and Slimming Body Wrap

This treatment combines essential oils and freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, detoxify, and rid the body of accumulating toxins. It slims, hydrates, contours, nourishes, oxygenates and improves circulation. Includes 1/2 hours detox aromatherapy massage and seaweed body wrap. (Wrapped in warm body seaweed wrap then placed in thermal blanket for 30 min) Recommended for relieve from sore muscles, water retention, stress, chronic problems, circulation problems, cellulite. Improves skin tonicity. Assists in breaking up fatty deposits. (Facial available upon request during treatment. )
90 minutes

Pamper package: Honey and almond body massage with loofa, purify and sloughing off dead skin

1/2-hour detox massage releases toxins. Infused with essential oils. Fresh seaweed is warmed and smoothed over the body, then covered by a warmed electro thermo blanket for 20-30 minutes. After a shower, your body is smoothed with a seaweed body cream, and a facial of your choice
1.5 hours

Mini Pamper Package:

Honey and almond scrub. Fresh seaweed is warmed and smoothed over the body, then covered by a warm thermal blanket and 20 minute massage
1 hour

Additional Body Treatment offered:

Honey and Almond Body Treatment 30 minutes



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