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A Wedding of Whimsy

By Rocio Martinez


My first visit to Stewart Mineral Springs was in 2005, where I stumbled upon a wedding taking place in the sacred circle at the back of the springs. My stay at Stewart was a powerfully, moving experience for me; the people, the baths, the hiking trails, and sleeping under the trees next to the creek. I had just started dating a wonderful man. I introduced him to the magic of the place the following summer. He loved it as much as I did. Every year after that, we included a stop at the Springs in our annual California roadtrip. We particularly enjoyed staying in the teepees. Last winter, when we became engaged, our first thought was to have our wedding at the Springs.

Living in Los Angeles, we looked at closer venues because we thought the distance would be too great. But none of the other places held the same magic we felt during our visits to Stewart.

When we finally decided to follow our hearts and have our wedding at Stewart, the magic began to unfold. The wedding I stumbled upon back in 2005, was between a couple who own a truly special wedding entertainment company (True Love Sound). When I contacted them to help at our wedding, they were overjoyed as they shared our deep love for the springs. When we told them of our Enchanted Forest Faerie Viking Masquerade theme, they introduced us to their friend, an amazing photographer who was excited to shoot our forest fantasy wedding. She and I became friends and she introduced me to a faerie masquerade costumer who made me the most gorgeous wedding dress. Magic was truly afoot. One thing after another started happening like this right up to the day of the wedding! I truly felt that forces beyond our control took over!

Needless to say, we had a magically, whimsical wedding! My husband and I and all our guests put a huge amount of creative energy into the planning (and celebrating). The days surrounding the wedding were spirited and full of fun. We had a lot of support from Ted and Rowena (Stewart managers), the staff at Stewart, and Ron and Arlene of Lilly's Restaurant (who catered the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception). Our guests had an unforgettable time and many are planning a visit in the near future. I can't think of a better place to be married! The healing and relaxing energy of the Springs and the beauty of the forest make it one of the most special places on earth. We plan to return on our anniversary!