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Water, Water Everywhere

Through time, people have sought the fresh water of springs and wells as places of worship, sanctuary, and healing. The purifying and healing properties of water, especially mineral waters, are well documented. Even today, we value the power of water with businesses devoted to providing a holistic environment that includes bathing. [Read more]
Open Exchange
January 2013

My Healing Experience at Stewart Mineral Springs

I discovered Stewart Mineral Springs in 2007 and was immediately drawn in by the "relax, you're here" sign. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful quiet. The creek sounds and birds were all I heard. [Read more]
Open Exchange
May 2011

Celebrating At Stewart Springs

A retreat is more than a destination; it is also a state of mind. Stewart Mineral Springs in the Mt. Shasta foothills may just be the getaway for you, as it was for "Dana." Find Stewart Springs in OPEN EXCHANGE's Retreats & Getaways category. [Read more]
Open Exchange
October 2010

Stewart Mineral Springs: A recipe for detox

"Stewart Mineral Springs Resort, a getaway that meanders over 37 acres in the shadow of Mount Shasta in Northern California, is the kind of place that can lower those stress levels and clean out some of the detritus of modern living." [Read more]
By Cindy Quick Wilson
March 24, 2009

Shedding Stress at Shasta's Rustic Hot Springs

"At Stewart Mineral Springs, the routine is soak, sauna and swim until worries, maybe even inhibitions, wash away." [Read more]
By Evan Halper, Times Staff Writer
Los Angeles Times
June 18, 2006

Soaking up Shasta Setting: Railroad Towns, Vintage Hotels and Hot Springs in Northern Woods

"A middle-aged couple, each dressed in nothing but a thin sheet, stood on the riverbank and contemplated the rushing water of Parks Creek." [Read more]
By Evan Halper, Times Staff Writer
San Francisco Chronicle
September 3, 2006